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wellmenuThere are two ways to enter data into the system: Manually & Automatically.

The method of data entry depends upon the capability of the in-country PC and version of Microsoft Office. Windows 10 and Office 365 are required for the semi-automatic version but a lower/older PC specification can be used for Manual data entry.

The application is based on Microsoft Excel so is easily changed and modified locally by the Users if required.

Using Excel ensures application maintenance is straightforward as Excel is in common use and understood by many. Passwords to each sheet or tab are provided enabling selected staff to modify and change the displays as requirements develop .

mainhelpThe straightforward standard Excel approach is supplemented by four Help categories. Conceptual Guidance; Procedural Help; Analytic Assistance & some basic Technical Support.

It has proved essential to separate these aspects of Help and to provide the WHY, WHO & WHERE as they are just as important as the WHAT, HOW & WHEN aspects of any system.



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