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The System's Menu are highly graphical.  The aim is to provide a straight forward 'point-and-shoot' application.  This has been achieved within Microsoft's excel.

There are eight main Menu options:xlmenu

  1. Enter Well Text Data Manually
  2. View the Day Summary
  3. View Colour Trend Data
  4. Graphical Trends & Comments
  5. Actions Review
  6. Update Website
  7. Auto Enter Well Text Data
  8. View Map Data-Movie

Clicking on any of the 'buttons' takes you to that option.  It is realised that some of the terminology is a little long-winded, however we were conscious of the fact that the majority of people using this application will not have English as their first language. As a result we are trying to remove all ambiguities from Systems Menus.  If the Menu were in Swahili I am sure we would appreciate similar consideration. A Swahili version is also being developed. It is hoped to be able to select the preferred language upon start-up. This is still Work-In-Progress.

It must be remembered that these screen shots are Version-One as the main effort currently is on improving and further reducing the cost of the AWSOM(TM) electronics unit.


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